Public Quests and Other Goodies #EQ2

I managed to do a few more public quests yesterday but still feel like healers get the short end of the stick. I don’t believe that I’m the only one who feels this way either – out of three raids of 24 people there were only four healers (one per group) in any one of the raids. There were a LOT of crusaders, at least two or three for every group. They’ve been the flavour of the month for so long now due to their healing / dps / tanking capabilities that it no longer surprises me. Luck was with me for one PQ as I did manage to get the fabled weapon. The breast piece eludes me, but I healed my little heart out on all of the raids and after dropping my settings down to the lowest rank I at least had no issues with lag. I switched back to my regular settings as soon as the PQ was completed, and roamed around the area looking for shinies. A lot of people in the PQ were boxing – some were boxing full groups of players, I could see them all auto following one another. It was a little odd to watch. The rewards from PQ are not that great any more, having their critical mitigation nerfed into oblivion, but for those of us who are still getting their feet wet with DoV it’s quite a large improvement. Yesterday I picked up shoulders, shoes, forearms, and a fourth piece that I can’t remember. It wasn’t the head piece. Ah well, no matter.

I’ve got two or three more days of questing before I get my flying mount, and I’m looking forward to that. So far only my crafter has obtained hers, and since I don’t use the character for anything besides crafting she really hasn’t used it too often. I wish we could fly in the city zones, as that would make getting to and from my guild hall a lot easier when my guild port is down (I play mostly evil aligned characters and the guild hall is located in Qeynos).

I haven’t been doing much decorating in game lately, but I have added to my book collection and I’m some where near the 473 mark (ok, exactly near there, hehe). I had a generous contribution of 20 books yesterday and gladly added them to the collection. I do want to decorated the remaining homes that I own, Stargrace (my 90 defiler) owns a dojo for relaxation as well as a Freeport home on top of the museum that I’ve worked on. There are also a few more ‘artifacts’ I wish to collect, for example the tapestries that are representatives of the Courts of Maj’Dul from Sinking Sands. These are new quests that were added when Sinking Sands went through a revamp, and I haven’t had time (or the patience) to complete them yet.

On that same note, I went through my settings and decided to hide all of the rewards from my quests, so I don’t know ahead of time what I’m getting. You may think that’s an odd thing to have an option for, but I really like being surprised. I don’t know if I’m getting a piece of gear or a house item (unless I’ve done the quest so many times that I’ve memorized the rewards). It’s a neat little feature and allows me to customize my game play even further, which is something I appreciate. It’s all in the details after all!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. It’s a glorious Wednesday!

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