#RIFT 1.2 Hotfix 7 – 5/25/11

* Raid warning text for certain boss abilities should appear immediately rather than fading in, so you have more time to react.
* Fixed an issue with some quest items that had a use time and would give quest credit at the start of the usage instead of the end of a successful use.
* Iron Pine Peaks: The missing Defiant quest for this zone is now available – ‘Stay Frosty’, my friends!
* Runic Descent: Additional safeguards have been added to prevent rare crashes of this instance.
* Item: Adorned Shadeshard: Stacks of the Spell Power bonus from this item now get properly removed for each successful cast.

* While waiting for a dungeon group, switching roles to one you did not select to play when queueing will no longer drop your party from the LFG queue.
* The LFG ready check window should no longer remain on-screen even after you’ve left the LFG queue.

* Diminishing returns immunity timers now end 15 seconds after the initial application of movement-impairing effects, down from 24 seconds.
* Port Scion: Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not respawn properly at the Bridge when their faction controlled it.
* Port Scion: Idol of the Planes, Idol of the Gods, Planar Capacitor, and Planar Flux icons can now be seen on the map from anywhere in The Battle of Port Scion.
* Port Scion: Slightly adjusted the hit points of bosses and objectives.
* You can once again remove members from a pre-made party while in a Warfront – and it won’t kick them out of the Warfront raid and leave them all on their own!

* Added a ‘Unit Starting Price’ field to the Auction tab of the Auction House. This lets you set a starting price per-item when listing a stack of items.
* NPC casting bars should better match the actual duration of the ability being cast, fixing some cases where they showed an incorrectly long casting time.
* Fixed a bug causing Artifacts with very long names to not show any Artifact Sets to add them to.

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