#RIFT 1.2.1 – Patch Notes

* Cult Saga: Final Epic weapon rewards have been upgraded in power!
* Guild Perk: Planar Protection now consumes only one Planar Charge, only from the caster, and not other group members.
* Brought the Fire Rift Raid difficulty more in line with other Rift Raids.
* Shimmersand: Damage Control: Fixed an occasional bug with the Earth Beacons and this quest not resetting properly.
* Crafting Daily quests will no longer take you above the intended Notoriety rank with the Quarry Rats, Granite Falls, or the Arcane Hand.

* Any item purchased with a special Currency will have a confirmation pop-up on purchase.
* Any item purchased with platinum/gold/silver with an Uncommon rarity or higher will have a confirmation pop-up on purchase.
* You may now sell back items for a full refund under the following circumstances:
– A single item, not a stack of items.
– Within 30 minutes in-game time from purchase (the 30 minute timer stops counting while you are offline)
* Modifying the item with a Rune or temporary effect will cause it to no longer be fully refundable.
* Dyeing the item will cause it to no longer be fully refundable.
* If the item has left your character by mail, trade, or Auction House listing, it will no longer be fully refundable.
* If the item was used to activate a quest or update a quest objective, it will no longer be fully refundable.
* Item tooltips will show a full ‘Return Price’ while still within the refund period. Once the 30 minutes have passed or the item is made ineligible for a full refund, the tooltip will display the normal resale price.
* Items that have been returned for a full refund will not appear in the Buy Back list.

* The following objects can no longer be interacted with while under the effect of Slip Away, Twilight Transcendence, Scatter the Shadows, Defer Death, or Phase Shift:
– Black Garden: The Fang of Regulos
– The Codex: all control points
– Whitefall Steppes: the Sourcestone
– Port Scion: Sourcestone and capture points
* Using Slip Away, Twilight Transcendence, Scatter the Shadows, Defer Death, or Phase Shift while carrying Sourcestone in Whitefall Steppes or The Battle for Port Scion will now cause the sourcestone to drop.
* Respawning in a Warfront now regenerates energy and power more quickly for Rogues and Warriors.
* The Codex: Reduced the amount of time it takes to flip control of a control point.
* The Codex: Increased the maximum match duration to 20 minutes.
* The Battle for Port Scion: The Bridge respawn point now becomes unlocked after the match has been running for one minute. The amount of time it takes to gain control of the respawn point has been halved.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Returning Sourcestone no longer grants a buff to your team members.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Slightly updated the paths that the heroes take when spawned from defeating the Endless boss. They now more regularly assault the southern objective on each side.
* The Codex has been updated with alternate routes out of the spawn areas for both teams. Several sections of the terrain have also been smoothed out to avoid wonky movement.

* Fixed an issue causing Synthesis, Righteous Mandate, and a few other effects to not end properly when their caster logged off.
* Inquisitor: Ritual of Judgment: This once again applies properly to the DoT portion of Sanction Heretic.
* Vindicator: Fixed a couple of issues with the Subdue ability. This was previously only working on three of the Warrior taunts (Incite, Grim Lure, and Spark), and will now properly apply for any taunt used. Subdue can no longer be used against NPCs that are not player pets.

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  1. Gothun says:

    No, this is a special book! =O

  2. stargrace says:

    I am still about! And I know I am missing a few *pouts*

  3. Gothun says:

    So looks like you’re still out and about! I was looking through your book list and I realized there’s at least I know of that you’re missing! =O

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