Lets Talk Cleric Builds #Rift

I spent most of yesterday cursing the zone Scarlet Gorge. I thought Stonefield was bad, but Scarlet Gorge is much worse for defiant characters. There’s so few quests in this zone over all that there’s no achievement for completing them (to start things off). The best way to get up north (which is all Guardian might I add) and hence to the dungeon located up there, is to go from the zone above and head South. I was lucky enough to get a guild run through Foul Cascade and completed two quests within the zone. I noticed that the defiant zones are all very dark and .. dark. I’m looking forward to trying a guardian counterpart once I hit 50 on the cleric.

I ended up purchasing the Templar PvP soul with the intention of trying it out and perhaps purchasing a fourth soul build some time down the road. I can only put 10 points into it until I hit Rank 2, except I don’t even know what is required to hit rank 2. I matched it with a purifier / justicar mix (most of my points into purifier for aoe heals) and justicer for some survivability. I heal in PvP Warfronts, it’s just what I’m most comfortable doing.I like being able to snare anyone who attacks me, and reflect their damage back at them for a limited time. I’m still not sure if it was worth it to pick up, but it’s neat to try it out.

I also changed my main solo / duo spec quite a bit. I dropped druid, and picked up shaman. I’m now using a justicar (barely, 11 points into this) / shaman (most of my points spent here), sentinel build (I wanted a few single target heals) which is working out VERY well for me. My dps is much higher then it was before and I still have good survivability. I’m very pleased with the changes and hopefully I won’t be regretting them any time soon, hehe.

My third spec is my dungeon spec. I have a sentinel / purifier / warden build with most of my points into sentinel / warden. I’ve had this spec since I created my character and it’s a comfortable (and easy) heal spec without a lot of complications. I have a few group heals at my disposal for when AoE’s hit, but other wise I’m concentrating on single target heals.

I would like to add a fourth soul to the mix, but at 21 plat it will be a little while coming. I have the coin right now (barely) but that would mean not having enough coin to purchase anything else I may need. My crafting is quickly approaching the 200 mark, which means only 100 more to go after that. I’ve been focused on completing quests, so I haven’t ventured into areas above my level yet (in fact most areas are below my level by quite a bit) but I’m not in a rush and I know I’ll get there eventually. Yesterday I finished the puzzle in Scarlet Gorge (pictured above) – it was a lot of fun, and I got a nice upgrade of some gloves (blues) woohoo.

Anyhow, enough rambling for today. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. pkudude99 says:

    As I said in my comment to your “leaving Stonefield” post: Honestly, Scarlet Gorge was my least favorite zone when I was leveling up my cleric. My alts in Faeblight are all approaching level 30 and I’m dreading having to head in to Scarlet Gorge.

    Moonshade Highlands, Scarwood Reach, and Droughtlands are huge improvements. Since you’ve done Foul Cascade, I wouldn’t worry anymore about the Gorge (unless you want the cairn) and I’d just head to Scarwood. Level 32 is plenty high enough for that zone, and I thought I saw you say somewhere you’d hit it

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the “shamsenticar.” It’s supposed to be a highly survivable build and also good support heals for a group. Personally I went “inquisenticar” at about 32 myself, and enjoyed it so much I’ve not bothered trying the melee spec, though I keep planning to either buy the 4th role or simply respec to try the melee out. Or roll up a Guardian alt to experience their content as a melee toon. One of those options. Eventually. . . .

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