RIFT 1.2.1 Hotfix #3 – Patch Notes

* Warfronts: Damage power-ups found in The Black Garden, The Codex, and Whitefall Steppes now grant a static amount of Attack and Spell Power based on the level bracket of the Warfront they are in.
* Guardian or Defiant Invasions should no longer attack Ancient Wardstones that are activated for their faction.
* Raid Rift: Drakith Hatchery is now more in line with the difficulty of other Raid Rifts. Also with less annoying knockbacks!
* Fixed some audio issues with footsteps for the Kelari Camoflauge ability.

* The population in Mage’s Mark has undergone some tweaking to bring it more in line with the intended difficulty for the area.
* Make Him Sing: Fixed some issues that could cause Ekdim the Mad to not turn friendly and be interactable while on this quest.

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