Look Ma- I can Leap, and Glide! #EQ2

When leapers and gliders released I decided to hold off because I knew everyone and their dog would be headed to Butcherblock and TT in order to start the quests. Yesterday I figured enough time had passed that I too should quest and join the ranks. The quests were pretty simple. You can obtain your leaper at level 30, the quest starts in Butcherblock Mountains. I really love how this mount works and unlike the glider it is easy to control (yes, I realize they’re working on a fix for the gliders but in the mean time.. watch out). The glider mount begins in Teneberous Tangle, and you can obtain it at level 60+. This mount is a pain to control but it’s also a lot of fun to move around with. You can quite literally glide across entire zones.

With the other half giving up EQ2 for good in order to play Rift, he passed his account on to me. I ended up server moving his 90 shadowknight and sex changing it to a female (as well as obtaining a name change). It feels really weird to have him officially give me his account because he’s been playing since release. After so much time spent in game he says he just doesn’t have the desire to spend that much time playing any more, plus there have been numerous SOE issues that he’s not content with. He’s been playing Rift since release and seems to enjoy it – and I can understand why. For me the game lacks “other” stuff to do – but for a casual player with limited play time, it offers exactly what he’s looking for. I’m now boxing the shadownight along with my alts in order to level them up (the bruiser is level 83, the templar 84) and it’s quite fun. Yesterday myself and Shamah took our alts on a guild raid run, there are 5 in total and it was worth a lot of guild status. We’re closing in on level 57 – and from there just a short jump and skip to 60 and more bank slots. Excited? Yes, yes I am.

Wiqd and his wife recently joined our team of guild mates as well, so we’ve become a guild of a few more which is fantastic. I like growing casually, with friends that I’ve known for a while. We’re still tiny but it’s a lot of fun.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

3 Responses to Look Ma- I can Leap, and Glide! #EQ2

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Hm. I have a bunch of unguilded toons on that server since I brought them over during the “5 free transfers” thing. Once I’m resubbed to EQ2 (undetermined when that will be. . . ) I may just hit you up too ;-)

  2. stargrace says:

    I play in Torrent Knights on the Antonia Bayle server. :)

  3. Robert says:

    What’s your guild and server again?

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