RIFT 1.4.1 – Half-Birthday Event! – 25/8/11 #RiftGame

* Join us in celebrating 6 months of the Ascended in Telara! Everyone is welcome – bring your friends, bring your family, RIFT is open to all with a special trial for non-subscribers!
* SUBSCRIBER BONUSES: The following bonuses are in effect: Bonus XP, Favor, Prestige, Guild Experience, Marks of Ascension, Plaques of Achievement, and Planarite!
* Check out Meridian and Sanctum where rumors of delicious cake abound.
* All subscribers receive additional presents at the close of the event!
* See the website linked above for more specifics on the Half-Birthday Celebration.

* The crafted chest piece, Hauberk of the Keeper, now includes way more tank stats. Finally.
* Luminescent Conch Shell effect now persists through death.
* Water Saga: Meetings of Interest: Quest markers now appear properly for the Defiant version of this quest.
* Scarwood Reach: The Bloodsilk Broodmother ambush in Infested Range now has a cooldown between ambushes.
* Fixed a bug causing some item set bonuses to behave in certain circumstances as if more than one item in the set was equipped.
* Planar Essences purchased from vendors can no longer be Runebroken or Salvaged, in line with the general case of vendor purchased items not being able to be broken down.
* LFG Group leaders using raid frames can no longer move players outside of Group 1.
* Quickening Brews now work on their correct cooldown groups. Quickening Brews now have a duration of 5 seconds.
* Fixed an issue where going linkdead would cause players to have a PvP Invulnerability buff when reconnecting.
* Having recently transferred your character between shards will no longer lock out that character from being copied to the PTS.

* Corrected the values on the Rasmolov’s Synergy Crystals for Riftblade and Paragon that were providing more damage enhancement than was intended.
* Closing Rifts should no longer de-stealth Rogue participants.

* Fixed a bug causing Incite to trigger Subdue.

* Elemental Touch: Fixed a recently introduced bug that caused this ability to be enhanced by other abilities that should not have been increasing its damage.

* Rallying Command: Fixed this being allowed to chain its effect in some circumstances. Characters with the post-Rallying-Command debuff will be blocked from receiving Rallying Command again until the debuff wears off.

* Slightly reduced the hit points of NPCs in upper Hammerknell.
* Players not on the ramparts when Inwar Darktide’s encounter begins will be teleported to the encounter.
* Murdantix: Toned down the frequency of Demonic Tar.
* Rune King Molinar:
– Increased casting time of Prince Dollin’s Consuming Essence.
– Reduced hit points of Rune King Molinar, Prince Dollin, and Incorporeal Revenant.
– Reduced the damage dealt by Forgotten Steward’s Honor’s Sting.
– Prince Dollin’s Cursed Flames now hits a smaller area.
* Estrode: Fixed an issue where Estrode would not use several abilities while under the effects of Scatter the Shadows.
* Inquisitor Garau: Glacial Shield no longer has a casting time.
* Inquisitor Garau: Arcane Porters are now immune to stun effects.
* Grugonim: Grugonim will no longer reset in the middle of a channeled ability if his target moves too far away.

* Reduced the amount of general population pulls in the zone.
* Reduced hit points slightly on general population NPCs.
* Herald Gaurath minions: Voidbound Rage is now purgeable.
* Herald Gaurath minions: Reduced the damage of Impending Doom.

* Expert: Bonelord Fetlorn: Will now cast Bone Theft more than once per fight, as he should!

* Favor, Notoriety, and quest credit for PvP Rifts are only granted to players who are still in the PvP Rift’s zone at the time it is closed.
* The number of Charhounds required for Stillmoor PvP dailies has been reduced. Some Charhounds have moved from their previous spawn locations to new ones on the edges of Kingsgate.
* More mushrooms should be available at any given time for Stillmoor PvP dailies.
* Whitefall – Escalation: Fixed a bug where you would occasionally not get points for a stone at your base.

* Increased client stability and optimizations.
* RIFT’s taskbar icon will now flash when any message box – such as ready checks or Warfront queues – pops up.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    “RIFT’s taskbar icon will now flash when any message box – such as ready checks or Warfront queues – pops up”

    Best change ever! I can’t count how many Warfronts I’ve missed while tabbed out.

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