RIFT 1.4.1 Hot Fix – 2 #RiftGame

*We’ve made a series of changes to Valor rewards and have introduced a new PvP Stat called “Vengeance” please click here for the full details.
*Valor has been normalized across all PvP Rank Sets available from PvP merchants. All full sets now provide 751 Valor (30.04% Damage Reduction). There is no cap on Valor and it can continue to be obtained from essences, accessories, runes, etc.
*Added a new PvP stat, Vengeance. Vengeance acts as spell power or attack power for an ability and increases damage/healing in the same way, but only in player-versus-player combat.
*Reduced the overall power gained from 4 piece set bonuses on PvP armor sets. Half the bonus is now granted via Vengeance, which only increases power in PvP combat.
*To align these items with their level of difficulty to obtain we have reduced the overall power granted from Whispered Silence, Words of War, Cavernous Nothing and Recaptured Knowledge. Half of the new bonus is now provided as Vengeance. Passive Attack Power and Spell Power bonuses have also been removed.
*PvP Rifts: The prestige bonus from PvP Rifts now only applies to player kills, not completing quests.
*Escalation Whitefall Steppes:
– Fixed a bug where sometimes a stone at your base was not counting toward your total points!
– Increased time between sourcestone spawns after capture from 30 seconds to 45 seconds and increased the time for a tie breaker to spawn to 1:30 seconds.
*PvP Vendors in Meridian and Sanctum should now correctly display your total amount of Favor and Marks of Retribution.
*PvP Rifts: Fixed an issue in which channeling abilities were giving you contribution even if you were just dueling around a PvP rift.
*Warfronts: Fixed an issue where, on occasion, you were not immediately removed from the warfront raid upon exiting a warfront.
*Bonus reward versions of The Black Gardens, The Codex and Port Scion are now part of the Warfront Weekend rotation.
*Level 50 notoriety and dropped PvP rewards are improved to have appropriate valor amounts for the items level.

*Ranger: Escape Artist can now remove all fear, polymorph and disarm effects.
*Bladedancer: Untangle can now remove all fear, polymorph and disarm effects.

*Gilded Prophecy: We’ve made slight adjustments to the bosses in this Sliver including timing of when they use abilities as well as slight changes to Uruluuk’s teleport locations.
– Rune King Molinar: Prince Dollin’s Terminate Life spell is no longer resistible
– Inwar Darktide: Fixed an issue where the encounter would not always reset properly
– Inwar Darktide: Whispers of Madness has been removed
– Inware Darktide, Denizar, and Aqualix will now use more of their abilities when their target is out of line of sight.
– Sicaron: Changed the health intervals at which Soul Harvest’s duration shortens.
– Grugonim: Bloodplague Essence damage bonus increased
– Inquisitor Garau: Whispers of Madness has been removed
– Inquisitor Garau: Arcane Porter’s speed and HP slightly increased
– Akylios: Voice of Madness debuff values reduced
– Akylios: Apostles of Jornaru are now immune to CC abilities except stun and silence
– Akylios: Mana Pinch is now considered a curse.
– Achievement: “They Dug too Deep” now is rewarded properly.
– Many Hammerknell weapons have updated in-game visuals.

*Defiant Tutorial “Terminus”: Quest “Reduce, Recycle, Reeducate”, fixed some issues with the fight and reduced the overall difficulty. Reduced the mob population of Castrum Hiberna.
*Trial accounts can now freely whisper players in the same guild
*Half Birthday: Fixed an issue where the close button on the celebration bonus pop-up could become disabled. Changed the celebration bonus pop-up to no longer block all keyboard input.
*Saga of the Abyssal: Fixed an issue with ‘Influence of Lyrr’ where the Spirit of Lyrr would disappear during the fight.

3 Responses to RIFT 1.4.1 Hot Fix – 2 #RiftGame

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Yep, that’s the one. But iirc, the only time I ever had any trouble with it was as a dps warrior (non-pet spec, I hate that cat — I think I was doing champion/riftblade on that run through) and with an additional add besides. But that could be me misremembering my own leetness ;-) I do know that the time I went through in a Reaver/Pallie build I had no trouble at all. No trouble as a Nightblade or as a Ranger in rogue. Always had a pet as a mage, so it took the brunt of it. Cleric wasn’t ever a problem either.

    If anything, it kinda highlights which builds are better for soloing, at least in the low levels.

  2. stargrace says:

    I am unsure what fight that is, but if it’s the one where you’re required to obtain a soul of a woman who spawns 3 adds, that one killed me over and over and over yesterday as I made my way through the empty tutorial, even though I was 2-3 levels above the mobs involved (as a warrior without a pet spec).

  3. pkudude99 says:

    “*Defiant Tutorial “Terminus”: Quest “Reduce, Recycle, Reeducate”, fixed some issues with the fight and reduced the overall difficulty. Reduced the mob population of Castrum Hiberna.”


    There was a part of the Defiant Tutorial that was too hard? I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve done Defiant side, but I’ve done at least 12 characters through it and. . . . . um. . . .wow.

    Though yeah, now that I think about it, that fight could kill me if I got an add while doing it as a dps warrior spec.

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