RIFT 1.4.1 Hotfix 4 #RiftGame

* The RIFT Half-Birthday celebration draws to a close – we hope everyone got some cake!

* Dragon Quintessences are now Bind to Account and can be sent to your other characters. [Most excited about this change, I’ve been storing up the quintessences for no reason since my main already has her mount. Nice to make use of them even though there was a huge debate yesterday on channels about how it’s too easy to obtain this mount and they wanted it to be more special. Thoughts?]
* Player pets now handle auto-attacking on their own when aggroing on a mob or commanded to attack a mob target. They also auto-attack at a more consistent rate now.
* More Planar Essences are now Salvageable.
* Soothsayer’s Synergy Crystal: Updated the tooltip so it now lists both Spell Power and Vengeance bonuses.
* More general server stability fixes!

* Fixed a case where some nameplates were not properly displaying.
* Mana Pinch should no longer target players under the effect of Mien of Leadership.
* Akylios: Fixed an issue where players could be killed while standing between platform locations.

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