Timers Changed and Rare, Supreme, Fantastic Items Added! #WurmOnline

  • Faster timers for most actions!
  • Timers now run on tenths of seconds, giving more precise effects of quality, skill and enchantments. This includes fighting.
  • Less item loss on failure!
  • Priests receive alignment modification for actions just as non-priests now
  • Dispel now has range 24
  • Mounts and carts may be used in shallow water. Less land bridges – more fords!
  • Mounts and carts may be used in steeper terrain. Less obstruction!
  • Older creatures may spawn now – more challenge!
  • Items have rarity! You may now occasionally succeed in creating a rare, supreme or even fantastic item. These tools are faster, weapons do more damage, and armour protects a bit better. This may also happen as you improve or polish items and rare items may turn into even rarer items. Constructing new items using rare materials may turn the unfinished item into a rare item. Rare guard towers spawn more guards, for instance. More functionality will be added over time.
  • Known bugs: Metallurgy needs some more debugging. Chain armour creation erroneously uses up the chain on failure. Fields show the wrong textures.

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