Patches Don’t Play Favorites #WurmOnline

Yesterday was patch day in WurmOnline, something that most gamers are familiar with, no matter what game they play as their game of choice. It meant multiple restarts, a lot of left over glitches, and still some bugs remaining today. Patience is something we all must learn, which is really dang hard when you want to go out and play with all the cool new stuff, and oh, what cool new stuff there was.

– Carts and horses can now climb larger slopes (39 is said to be the new number)

– Carts can now travel in shallow water (-7 is said to be optimal, -9 and things start to go wrong)

– Timers for bulk items have been shortened (I haven’t personally played with this a lot, I really dislike making bulk items to begin with, so I usually try to buy them or convince my neighbours to make them for me in trade).

– Animals can spawn around the world of all ages now, not just young. This means that people out there fighting can fight different levels of creatures. It’s a blessing and a difficulty. Personally I think it’s pretty neat. However it also caused some issues with horses giving birth to old horses instead of foals.

– Rare items. There are three ‘tiers’ of rare items, they’re still currently implementing this so some items are rare without use. I haven’t come across any myself yet, but I see kchat filled with the eager gasps of those who have. It is said to be a 50% chance once an hour to create a ‘rare’ item. Sounds like a bit of a confusing system, so I’m going to basically ignore it and if I make something, great, and if I don’t, oh well.

Traited creatures have begun spawning again which is awesome. The giant mountain lion pictured above is a champion spawn, too hard for me to handle on my own, I called in some reinforcements. Yetian gladly took the corpses to decorate his front entrance.

Have you had a chance to play with the changes yet? What are your thoughts so far? Let me know in comments below, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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