DAW: Developer Appreciation Week #DAW

This is the third year that Scarybooster from Scary Worlds has run the event (“the” event being the Developer Appreciation Week currently in progress), and if you’ve never heard of it before then you’re missing out.

OK folks, Developer Appreciation Week is upon us. In a rare fit of seriousness, I am going to be posting my own shit about how wonderful these folks are who make our games and fill our dreary days with rainbows and hails of bullets. I invite all my fellow gaming bloggers to do the same. during the 5 days from 9-13 April, write at least one post about how you appreciate the developers of your favorite timekiller. Drop me a line somehow, here or on Twitter, and I will maintain a link post where people can go to find your shit.

Thanks to you and thanks to the Devs.

(Disclaimer: Devs won’t tell you they appreciate your appreciation, but I will. What they do is that important to me.)

I’ve been thinking all week about who I wanted to give my special shout out to – and honestly, I couldn’t narrow it down. I have played so many amazing games over the past few years that it’s impossible to say thank you to just one person, or even one company. I’ve even learned a few things, like the fact that developers are human. Who would have thought! They can make mistakes. Players tend to rake anyone with any amount of ‘power’ be it real or even just visualized, over the coals for any little thing that they don’t personally find satisfying, and developers are one group of people in a long line who put up with it (there are others, but this is DAW week after all). It takes a thick skin.

For every single developer out there, in every single game, thank you. You have brought countless hours of joy (or frustration) to someones life, and for that you deserve this week. You have affected people in ways that you will probably rarely ever hear about and you certainly deserve to hear about it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

4 Responses to DAW: Developer Appreciation Week #DAW

  1. Professer says:

    at first I read that as ‘digital audio workstation’

    been trying my hand at producing electronic music… cool new layout btw

  2. Scarybooster says:

    And thank you for being a huge role model to other bloggers with your positive blogging and inspiring skills as a writer. Thank you for supporting DAW :)

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