Fall Arrives #WurmOnline

I love games that have seasons on a pattern that differs from my own. It’s neat to log into game and see bright fall colours while summer is actually approaching. That was the sight I was greeted with today as I logged in, and aside from wanting to continuously rake up all those leaves, it’s beautiful. I really wish more games would have dynamic weather and seasons to give their games more life.

I’ve been working on Darkpaw Bay quite a bit, I’m adding another stone house and I’ve converted the house at the top of the deed to a stable building. I’ll store large barrels inside and once indoor walls are implemented I’ll section off the 1 tile bedroom. Excited? Yes, yes I am. Les Reveurs is completed as far as construction goes. I have 2 3×3 houses and a 2×3 which is more than enough for all of my needs. My fields are tiny but I never expected Stargrace to do all that much farming (that’s Arysh’ job). I may at some point add a mountain top lookout, because the view is amazing, but we’ll see.

The third deed I own is shared between myself and Moumix, and that deed is (for the most part) also completed. My priest-to-be sits in her cave, mining rocks, while the Vynora priest stands at the altar casting opulence and trying not to blow up tools. It’s also on the water, and I find the location incredibly charming.

I’ve been trying to focus on what I want to do, but the game has so many options that it’s hard. Stargrace works away at her WS skill (weapons), Arysh does farming and other nature tasks, Seduisant is busy mining, and Bigbadspell is working on woodcutting. Where I go from there, we’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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