Picking Up My Second Tapestry #GuildWars #GW

In my effort of ‘catching up’ my Hall of Monuments so that I’m ready for Guild Wars 2 I actually discovered a few things. First of all, I apparently picked the worst class combination for PvE ever. The Mesmer / Ranger combination (with Mesmer being my main ‘profession’). I was looking for some builds for this combination and about 99% of the posts I found were all about how this was the worst possible combination ever for PvE and is made for a PvP setting. Great.

I thought about how much effort (long term) I had put into reaching level 15. Not that much, in fact barely a weekend when all is said and done. So I decided to start over with a combination that was more suited to my play style. This time I took the easy road, and made a monk / warrior combination. I absolutely adore the monk, and when I’m playing with my friend Ninga Turtle, I make great use of my heals. When I’m soloing I switch the spec around a bit and stick to being a warrior with mercenary and a few heals. I need to be level 10 before I can do the quest to unlock the Hall of Monuments (again), but at least this time around I’ll know what I’m doing. I also already have 4 points, and they accumulate account wide so it’s not like those will be wasted. Four points unlocks a few pieces of gear according to the calculator.

Since I used my first tapestry from Gwen after visiting the hall for the first time in the wrong monument (not wrong per say, but not the one I wanted to unlock) I decided (before making the new character) that I’d unlock a second one. Thankfully there’s a great Guild Wars Wiki that I made much use of. I decided to work on ‘Northern Allies‘ since it was one of the new quests I had picked up, and after a lengthy quest chain I was rewarded with a lot of experience and the new tapestry, which I used to unlock the miniatures monument.

Of course now I’ll have to do that all over again once the new character reaches 10, but at least I’ll know what to expect. Ninga was also brave enough to run me all the way from my starter city over to Lion’s Arch, so now I can port there. It was quite an adventure, too. Hopefully I’ll get caught up before too long. It’s been neat getting back into the game. I feel a bit more confident at my ‘skill’ and I’m having more fun this round than the first few times I played. One huge enormous bonus to me is the fact that the game has no subscription fee, and during these times I really appreciate that I can pay for the base game and then not have to pay anything extra. Granted, Guild Wars does play much more like a single player game to me than an MMO, but the ability to group with others is there.

I’m looking forward to sharing more of my adventures, as always!

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