Product Review: UnoTelly

Note: It should be noted before I go forward with this post that I was given a review account to test this product out with, and I did not purchase it with my own money.

One of my biggest complaints living here in Canada (in regards to the internet and entertainment) has always been that I can’t access shows in other countries without having to resort to VPN changes or some other work around in order to watch some of my favorite shows. Even shows I pay for on Netflix differ from US to Canada. When I was approached in an email asked if I’d like to test out UnoTelly, I was only too eager.

The web site claimed that UnoDNS was easy to set up on every device you may possibly own, so I started out by installing their ‘UnoHelper’ on my PC, it was quick and painless and I had it up and running without any troubles. I was able to watch Hulu and without any interruptions in my speed, and if it were not for the small icon on my desktop I probably wouldn’t have even known it was running at all. I used it for a few hours without any of the noticeable slow downs that I’ve experienced with other VPN services, especially in prime time.

I did attempt to also get this working on my ipad, but ran into some login issues, so I wasn’t able to test it further. My only concern is that occasionally I would get a message saying my IP address had changed and I should refresh it. Being the non-tech savvy person that I am, I’m guessing this has to do with my ISP and not with UnoTelly. It was a bit distracting but nothing that wasn’t solved by hitting the refresh button. ** edit ** I just have to say again, what great and prompt service I was given during my review. I emailed support, found all my questions answered, and have no more difficulties. Works fantastic!

The product comes at a great price (thee tiers with different pricing depending on what you’re looking for) and they include channels for you to use which I found really helpful. They are right on with the speed, and I experienced no slow downs. Over all, I’m really pleased. The contact emails I’ve received were pleasant and helpful, and prompt which is something I really value in customer support.

It’s a great system, and so far I have no complaints. I’m looking forward to using UnoTelly more in the future, and hopefully it continues to work as well as they’ve suggested. Anyone else out there have any experience with UnoTelly? Let me know in comments, thanks!

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