Vanguard Update #VGD #Vanguardsoh

Here is a list of the improvements that were released with today’s update:


  • The cap for sending currency via mail and COD mail has been increased to 30 plat.
  • Ships can now only be summoned in water depths of at least 5 meters.
  • The level of your defensive target is now displayed in the UI.
  • Character select now displays how many character slots are currently available on your account. Additional slots can be purchased through the Marketplace up to a maximum of 20 slots.
  • Rifting to a new location should no longer have a chance to drop you among aggressive NPCs who hasten you toward an untimely death.
  • Having a group member log out while the group is harvesting should no longer crash the zone.
  • You can now send a guild invitation to your defensive target.
  • The Kaon Loreck in Forest’s Heart should no longer be pretending to be merchants.


  • Check out the latest batch of new items available for purchase:
  • o Visage of the Pumpkin Man – Changes your character’s appearance into a spooky pumpkin horror.
  • o Visage of Vampire Von Guard – Transform your character into a bloodthristy vampire.
  • o Vanity Pet: Leopard (Minala) – Summons the leopard Minala to be your companion.
  • o Petamorph Dryad – Changes your shaman, necromancer, or ranger epic pet to look like a dryad.

Festival of the Grim Harvest

  • The description on the Chupacabry costume is now correct.
  • Flaps the bat should properly appear when summoned.


  • The quest “Using Evil” should now correctly target Kaon Soulshards.
  • Starspark Pearls will now drop while on the quest “Starspark Pearls” or “More Starspark Pearls”.
  • “The Hunter’s League” quest should now provide a belt as a reward for light fighters.
  • The quest “Not a Thief, Just a Killer” should now work properly for all races.
  • The quest “Elk Overpopulation” should now update correctly.
  • Vorille Wrought has escaped from the clutches of the Deep Dwarves and will now be able to update his quest.
  • The quest objective in “An Unseen Door” can now be completed properly.
  • The objective “Scout the West Arch” can now be completed on the quest “Scout Vsurog Moor (Ichtakhta)”.
  • Those speaking with the Traveler should now be able to accept “Who Are You?” upon completion of his previous quest.


  • Casting “Expansive Mind” should no longer cause multiple animation and particle effects to play at the same time.
  • Casting “Siphon Blood” should no longer cause multiple animation and particle effects to play at the same time.
  • Rangers should no longer see extraneous animations play when using their stances.
  • The abilities “Power Attack V” and “Skin of Rakurr II” should no longer repeatedly play the auto-attack animation.
  • Animations have been removed from the rogue’s “Explosive Flechette” abilities in an effort to increase performance during raids.

UI Files Updated

  • VGUILoginWnd.xml
  • VGUIPlayerStatus.xml

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