Pathing Back ‘Home’ #EQ2

I’ve been having a lot of fun in WoW, and before that, GW2 – but something is still missing. In WoW it is too easy for me to get to 90 and have all of the gear that I can possibly get without becoming a hard core raider. LFRaid and LFDungeon take care of that – plus there’s all of those caps on valor and justice to deal with. WoW does a nice job of keeping me in line, and making me follow that carefully laid out path. Some times I enjoy it, the lack of ‘thinking’ required to play. I gleefully hunt up companion pets and chatter with friends. sadly, the new ‘grind dailies until your eyes bleed’ method of MOP is completely unappealing to me. You need faction for everything. You need it for recipes. You need it for gear. You need it for valor gear. Since the removal of tabards to earn that faction you’re left with 300+ dailies. Golden Lotus pretty much did me in, I dislike that faction with a passion that goes beyond what it deserves. I just don’t enjoy grinding out dailies. While there is still lots to do, it’s not stuff that I actually want to do. Thus MOP takes a back seat, and when my 1 year subscription ends at the end of this month I’m debating whether or not I want to renew.

In true nomadic gamer fashion, I wandered over to EQ2 where I’ve barely played the past year or so. I know only a handful of people, no one from my personal guild. That’s alright. There’s lots for me to do and I started off by working on heritage quests because they scratch a nostalgic itch for both EQ1 and EQ2. The first day I completed In Honor and Service, An Axe from the Past, and Dragoon K’Naae of the Thexians. Today I completed War and Wardrobe, Restoring Ghoulbane, and Reaching blade of the assassin. This evening I’m working on The Rescue of the Green Hoods, and Training is a shield. I’m basically working through the giant list of heritage quests in order by level, starting with the lowest. I’d like to get back into doing groups and dungeons and the like, but I don’t have the faintest idea where to start. That’s not such a big deal because Chains of Eternity is not too far away, and I could (if I so wished) “start over” when everyone else was making the climb through the new expansion as well.

I’ve missed housing, a lot. In fact one of the main reasons I’m working through heritage quests is because I’d like to create a HQ room in my Norrathian Museum. My library now has over 600 player written books, by 300 authors. These are things I’ve spent years working on (quite literally) and take a lot of pride in. As much as I may dislike certain policies or actions by SOE in regards to their game, deep down it still offers me more than most of the other games I have on my plate. Of course in a week or two or three or a month or six months, I’ll change what I’m playing again. It’s just how I am.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Niall says:

    Welcome home. If you need a partner for duoing, feel free to contact Sabarant (92nd lvl Barbarian Berserker) on AB, or Redwald (90th Lvl Freeblood Ranger) also on AB, or Thoradan (A 90th lvl Fae Ranger) on AB.

    They are all guilded, but are free from any guild commitments. They play out of Yuma, Arizona around 7-11 PST most nights.

    If you are looking for a new guild, then perhaps you might contact Jazabelle from Homes and Tomes, (als0 a collector of books and a decorator).

    For raid guilds, I’m not sure who you might contact.

    I hope your stay this time is long, enjoyable and prosperous.

    I post under Mary the Prophetess on the forums, and have sent you a number of books for your library through my various alts.

  2. Waldy Angeloak says:

    Very nice post. I’ve been following you for many months now.

    I almost looked you up after your previous Pirates101 post. I just started playing that too!

    And darn you! I played EQ and EQ2 for years. They were my first love so to speak. I left them a few months back since the graphics and fighting style just seemed so mundane compared to modern titles. But now I’m drawn back. Just haven’t pulled the trigger.

    Your last main paragraph nicely sums up my playstyle. I don’t know where I’ll be… but I’ll be having fun.

    safe journeys

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