Blesse The Defiler Dings 92 #EQ2 #EverQuest2

The count down to SOE Live is underway, and if you’re unable to make it this year you can watch a few of the panels live on twitch tv. SOE has posted a schedule so people don’t miss anything. I was incredibly excited and pleased to see that Vanguard has two panels this year,  in previous years Vanguard was the game no one wanted to talk about and you wouldn’t even find it at Fan Faire.

I spent most of yesterday working on my defiler. So far only my swashbuckler had braved the Withered Lands and managed to inch her way to 92 (I did this back in April, and I barely remembered it) and I was not really looking forward to leveling another character. I found the experience incredibly slow, so instead of questing I headed to my favorite old haunts and boxed my way through old instances. I hate having to compete with other characters in zones, so I tend to stick to instances when I can. My rout included going to Barren Sky and completing Vaults (and poking my head into Palace of the Awakened to see how busy it was), then heading off to Halls of Fate in the Bonemire. From there I went to The Blackscale Sepulcher, and Den of the Devourer, and off to Jarsath Wastes to Vault of Eternal Sleep, and Maidens Chamber. Before I knew it I was 92, and made my way to Freeport to complete the Chains of Eternity pre-quest that rewards a really nice legendary necklace.

At 92 you can begin to work on Skyshrine quests, and one of the first things I wanted to do was get the tradeskill apprentice. Sure you can buy it from the broker, but what is the fun of that! Next I’ll be working on getting my aa to 320, and then that character will be all ready for the next expansion when it releases. Of course I still have 8 other characters to go, but it’s a nice start!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Curel says:

    You can actually start the progression quests in Skyshrine at Level 90, but you can’t head into the Underdepths until you get to Level 92. Congrats! :)

    Curel of Freeport/Antonia Bayle

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