A Productive Weekend #EQ2 #EverQuest2

Bonus experience weekends, how I love you. I didn’t spend as much time working on my characters as I would have liked (mostly because I was playing GW2 halloween events) but I did manage to get quite a bit done.

  • Shadowknight leveled from 90-92 adventuring
  • Shadowknight leveled from 90-92 sage
  • Dirge leveled from 250aa to 280

That was all I had time for, but I was pretty pleased with even that much. I went back to my favorite leveling spots because I was tired of having to fight the crowd in public zones, and I’m glad that I did. I still completed what I set out to do and I had a nice relaxing time of it instead of having to fight with other players. As soon as bonus experience gets turned on some players go crazy.

I have three more crafters that are still sitting at level 90 instead of 92, but it shouldn’t take any effort at all to bring them to 92. I have been trying to stagger the leveling so I don’t get completely burnt out.

How did you spend your bonus xp weekend? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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