A List of Useful Vanguard Sites #VGD #Vanguardsoh

I posted these links on the Vanguard forums, but they’re being revamped and I don’t want to lose the post, so I’m putting them here on my site. As of this date, all of these resource sites work. I’ll try to keep it updated.

Diplomacy Resources: 

  • VGTact – (was moved to this link)
  • Backup of VGTact – Another backup of the much loved old diplomacy site

Crafter Resources: 

Adventuring Resources: 

  • VGWalkthroughs – I haven’t seen anything added since 2010, but the walkthroughs that are listed are still really handy
  • VGNecro – A class site for necromancers, this site hasn’t been updated in some time (2011) but necromancers may still find the information handy.

UI Resources:

  • VGInterface – still up and running, and updated. Looking for CoreUI? Drox? This is the place.

Map Resources: 

  • Soresha.net – still in action and a fantastic site for all of your map needs.

Global Resources: 

  • Telonica – a player driven wiki with up to date information on all three spheres. Remember a wiki is only as detailed as the players make it, so get involved!
  • Multiple Guides – scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you’ll see guides for mounts, factions, plat coin dropping mobs, griffon quest, KDQ, leeling, and many many more. The information may not be 100% up to date, but they’re still very helpful.
  • Vanguard links at SlydeRule.Net – Still up, but hasn’t been updated in some time, links may be out dated.
  • The Angry Wiki – A bit of adventuring, crafting, and diplomacy
  • Kayoss.net – A guide for racial mounts

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