Goodbye Glitch @playglitch #Glitch

Glitch was the first game shut down that I actually really enjoyed, so it hit me hard. Sure, it’s not Star Wars Galaxies, and it’s not City of Heroes, and it’s not even The Matrix, but it was a game I spent a lot of hours playing, and I’m sad to see it go. I logged in for the final two hours it would be running last night and I was pleased to see that the servers were absolutely packed with people coming to see the world for a final time.

A bunch of Glitch items also went up for sale on Etsy, had it not been so close to Christmas I would have tried to pick up an item or two, but the timing just didn’t work out for me.

I spent my time using the camera function to port around, and decorating my home. I tuned off general chat because the spam just became too much for me to watch, and I chatted with friends who had also logged in to see the game off.

I was once again reminded about why I’m supporting games that I enjoy, no matter if they’re indie or not. Games need players to survive (in almost all cases). Without players, games suffer. Without players spending money, in specific. Now, there were obviously a lot of issues with Glitch, if you have a poor business model it doesn’t matter how many people are spending money, it just won’t ever be enough. Still, I don’t want the next game to close down to be my game of choice, and I would feel perfectly horrible if it did and it was because I never supported it.

A sad learning experience, but a learning experience none the less. I’ll miss you Glitch!

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  1. yeah, i was sad to see this one go. it had a very creative “mythology”, it was just nice to see such an unusual, unique game out there…i tend to get really pessimistic when things like this happen; creativity is often punished, killed off.

    i was there for the last hour; i’m losing interest in most of what’s out there, and the quality games aren’t lasting. hard to think about this game closure and feel anything good.

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