Cow Riding – It’s a Sport #WurmOnline

wurm.20121216.1818Days like yesterday make me wish we had a 3rd person view for Wurm Online. Let me paint the scene for you.

I’ve recently started playing with an alt on Pristine, the latest server to open. It’s not attached to the Freedom cluster even though it is a Freedom server, to give players that “new” player feel. Without me getting into the whole “us vs. them” debate, I will say that it’s been interesting.

Being a new server means there’s no rope to lead animals, so people are frantically growing wemp and cotton. Leather is pretty easy to come by. Not being able to collect animals via rope has been really nice. I did remember something yesterday though. You don’t need rope to ride a cow and you need very little body control. Less than 20. So I grabbed a pile of strawberry seeds and headed out into the wild to find a cow to bring home. See the problem with no rope means you can’t lead animals into pens. You can build the pens around them but animals won’t walk through buildings or fences with the “go here” command. I learned that the hard way with a few chickens of mine.

Found a cow. Tamed it. And started riding it! Yeeha! Now cows move VERY slowly, but my purpose wasn’t to actually ride it for speed so much as just ride it into a pen of mine.

Then the spider saw me.

So there I was, no armor, riding a cow up a very steep mountain side to get to my deed (on the other side of said mountain) WITH a giant spider chasing me. It was an epic moment. Which brings me back to the point about how I wish there was 3rd person view.

I now have two happy cows grazing in my pens. They’ll probably mash down all the wemp I’ve started, knowing my luck.

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