Lets Gear Up: Challenge Mode #WurmOnline

wurm.20121223.0202I know, I haven’t been keeping frequent with my posts what so ever. We all know how busy the holidays can be, and mine is no exception. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting my game on! Oh no, in fact the opposite is quite true.

In Wurm Online I currently have FIVE premium characters. That’s three more than I had originally planned for, and two more than I’m going to keep in the end. My goal (roughly) is to keep one main character (in this case, Stargrace) for an all-around skiller, and then Arysh as my Vynora priest, and Faralithe, as my Fo priest. Right now I also have a Magranon priest, and Blesse who is my character on Pristine. Holding down the fort until it merges with the rest of the Freedom servers, when ever that may be.

Things have been busy, there’s been deed building and the impalong, neither of which I’ve spoken about much – but I will do that another time. What I wanted to write about today was my plundering adventures of last night.

See, Faralithe is on Independence attending sermons with the hope of one day becoming a priest. In order to get her there quickly, I dropped her off without any gear at all, and then /suicide to the starter deed. Then walked to her sermon location. That means no tools, as she had given up the beginner tools quite some time ago. So I put a challenge forth to myself – how long would it take me to pillage all of the items I needed in order to form a ‘comfortable’ life on Independence.

Answer was roughly two hours.

Independence is the largest Wurm Online server, and it’s also the oldest. There’s LOTS of crumbling down old places just waiting for eager hands to come and make use of items. The screen shot above is a list of all the neat items I found, and that doesn’t include the large cart with 7 rafts that I filled with seeds and veggies. Also a horse.

I even got some rope! I was pleased with that. Oh and some 30 ql chain armor that isn’t listed because I forgot to open the body section of my inventory. I found a trader who had a bit of coin on him (about 50 copper) and managed to walk to the Freedom Market and purchase the lantern from a trader for 10c.

Some of my main pillaging goals included a backpack, a compass, a lantern, and rope. Now the items above may not be the best quality, some are even part of the starter pack you get when you finish the tutorial, but I was still really happy to have found such great spoils.

It’s amazing to me how many people do not properly secure their stuff. For an experienced player, it was like Christmas (har) at this one deed I found. There was an actual deed which of course prevents any stealing – but the player had extended their living space beyond the deed, into the lands of wurm, which is free game if not properly secured in an enclosure. They did have gates all around their property BUT one of these gates was unlocked. Not attached to a house. That means anyone could come in and take items off of the area they had built on. There were thousands of veggies, seeds, animals, iron items, all scattered all over this land they they obviously think is safe.

It’s not.

Now, is it cruel that I’m “stealing” items from players? Maybe. But the game has very specific mechanics on what ‘stealing’ is and is not. I never break the rules, and I would never suggest that people break the rules. Players DO need to learn to keep their items secure, and just like I had to learn my lesson (my animal pens have been broken into before and all my animals scattered) so does everyone else. I don’t have any guilt about it and I don’t think I’m overly cruel about it. In the deed mentioned above, I didn’t take everything (or even close to everything) and I didn’t touch their animals. What I did was take the bits and pieces I needed to equip myself, and left the rest.

Needless to say, it was a very profitable night.

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