Getting Creative with Multi-Story #WurmOnline

wurm.20130111.0034I do a lot of traveling in Wurm Online, not only on my home server (which I consider to be Deliverance) but also to other servers. I currently own two deeds, one on Deliverance, and a second one on Pristine. After working on my deed for a while I get restless feet, and decide to go poking around and see what everyone else is up to.

Yesterday as I was wandering back to my boat on the Independence server I came across the magnificent castle pictured above. Not only was it one of the largest and best planned multi-story houses I’ve seen, they also had a really unique chess board created in the lawn outside out of statuettes. I know I’ve seen chess boards created in other games (EQ, EQ2, Rift) but it still makes me smile and almost giddy to see this type of creativity.

One neat thing to note here, is that this castle is done in stone, which is a lot of work. The majority of the multi story buildings I have seen are done in wood because they take the least amount of effort. For stone houses you need to mine rock shards. Turn those shards into bricks. Dig clay, dig sand, combine clay and sand to make mortar. Each wall is 20 mortar + 20 bricks. For a wooden house you need 1 large nail and 20 planks per wall.

There’s really no question, the stone houses look amazing for the work involved.

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  1. Stina says:

    Wow that person did a great job, and those other people in the thread you linked to had some amazing castles/houses/buildings as well.

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