Wurmbone’s End #EQ2

EQ2_000100I’ve been trying to get my defiler, Blesse, to 95 in EQ2 but it’s been going slow. She’s working on a Chains of Eternity signature quest that has sent her to Jarsath Wastes at the moment, and into some really neat looking dungeons. The latest was Wurmbone’s End to discover and pick up a monolith. The boss encounters are pretty neat, and the zone looked stunning. Apparently this is one of seven instances added to EQ2 in Chains of Eternity.

The final boss has a mechanic that can send him into hardmode if you don’t prevent it. Apparently if you defeat him while on hardmode you can obtain three chests from him instead of the usual one. Since I’m not 95 yet and don’t have a lot of amazing gear or anything even close, I just beat him in normal mode instead.

The boss dropped a scout cloak that I can’t use – but I can pass it off to my alts. It also has a yellow adornment already in it which I thought was pretty neat. Saves me from having to purchase one myself.

I’m excited to hit 95 even if I haven’t been playing steadily. EQ2 is one of those games that I always enjoy playing here and there even if I’ve been away for a while, it’s like riding a bike, you never quite forget how to play (at least in my case).

Whether or not my other 9 alts will ever make it to 95 I’m not sure. They have at least all made it to 95 crafter, which is nice especially for the 20% bonus for each character at the cap. Since I have 1 of each crafter I don’t really need that bonus any more.

I still haven’t decorated my galleon, either. I’m trying to decide if I want to decorate it the ‘normal’ way or if I want to use the layout editor to create something magnificent. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Borgio says:

    Yay! Good to see you poking around in Norrath again Star. The new instances are very nice since you can experience them all without needing a group (however the group zones are more fun since social = fun!)
    Ive been streaming EQ2 over on my twitch channel of random raids and zones and grinding and all sorts recently as well as putting out guides to help new players through the instances on my Youtube channel.

    Always good to get more press for the games you love, although you are making me want to play Wurm with all your recent posts!

    Good to see you again.

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