The Sims 3 Mods, Skins, and Fun #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-67Someone asked me if I used any mods for The Sims 3, and at the time I used absolutely none (no real reason, I just didn’t have a use for them) so I decided to look into them a bit. One of the most popular ones is NRaas Industries, which is actually a whole lot of mods depending on what you want to adjust in your game. There is the ever popular decensor which removes the mosaic from your naked sim bodies, as well as Mastercontroller which does a number of interactions to manage the population of your town. I decided to install a few of them and see how enhanced my game play was. There are even mods that help take care of generally known bugs that EA hasn’t gotten around to fixing. Installation went smooth, you just need to read the installer section and it’s pretty simple. I started up the game, and it recognized that I had mods, and loaded without any issue.

Mods are not required to play, but they sure do make things easier. There’s also a difference between mods, cheats, and skins. All of which can enhance your Sims 3 gameplay.

Once I had installed the mods I wanted to try out I decided to go searching for skins. Not the ones that are hosted in the exchange on the Sims 3 web site (there are a lot of great ones there) but at Sims fan sites like Mod The Sims. Of course as always when you install 3rd party mods or skins into your game you’re going to want to make sure it comes from a reliable source known for having a clean record, you don’t want to accidentally install a virus while downloading these. I picked out a few skins that caught my interest and went back to playing the game, while I count down the days until Sim City releases (which I am oh so excited about).

I still haven’t used the built in game cheats yet to give my sims any money or the like, but it’s easy to see how the Sims community helps make the game better.

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