Combat Wombats Take On WorldvsWorldvsWorld

gw731It’s hard to tell by the mess of colour above, but that’s the proud Combat Wombats, fighting at the entrance of a keep in World vs. World vs. World last night. I really wish we could turn off particle effects.

I haven’t done much pvp since the first month GW2 released, I did it then mostly because I wanted to earn my monthly achievement. It’s hectic, and fun, but it’s one of those activities I only feel like doing here and there for an hour or two, not all evening long.

It’s basically a map of castles and locations, outposts and supply depots, and the more you capture and secure, the better. There are two sides, the attackers and the defenders. Combat Wombat spent most of their time attacking, as the defenders seemed to have a fairly good grip on things – except then we lost a few locations because those that we had taken over no one stayed around at to defend. So the enemy came up behind and “back capped” as you’ll hear it called. It’s always best to leave a few people from the main force behind to help defend.

I suppose one of the reasons I enjoy WvsWvsW so much is that I do enjoy pvp and am quite used to “battlegrounds” from world of warcraft. This is a much larger and more complicated scale, but in the end it’s still a mass of killing anything red.

I did go with my 26 (now at least) mesmer, I think I actually prefer my guardian, but we’ll just have to see.

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