Run by Cats – Oh How You’ve Grown #SimCity

Spark_2013-03-13_11-17-04I spent about four hours streaming my adventures through Run by Cats (my latest thriving city) and watched in amazement as it grew. It started off very slow. I didn’t have a population over 10,000 for quite some time. It slowed again at various stages, but it’s almost at 70,000 now.

The city is a trade city, and times are good. I’ve been sending alloy over to the Great Works site just south of me, and in the mean time here are the components I’ve added to the city (not including things like general commercial, residential, or industry).

  • 2 wind power plants (each has 2 highest fans, which is all there is room for on the lot)
  • 1 water pumping station (x2 basic pump)
  • 1 sewage treatment plant (x2 tanks)
  • 1 garbage dump (x2 lots + max garbage trucks)
  • 1 recycling center (max trucks & max refining stations)
  • 2 fire station (max trucks & tower)
  • 1 hospital
  • 2 clinic (extra patient wings and ambulance)
  • 1 police precinct (helicopter and dispatch tower, + extra car lot)
  • 1 university (extra dorms + medical building)
  • 1 train station
  • 4 ore mines (max delivery trucks + extra shafts)
  • 1 coal mine (max delivery trucks + extra shafts)
  • 1 metals HQ (commerce department added)
  • 2 trade depot (max storage + delivery trucks)
  • 1 trade HQ
  • 1 trade port (freight rail added + max delivery trucks + max storage)

The city is making a surplus of about $1,500 at the moment, but my money comes from my trades. What I don’t send over to the Great Works Site, I export, and I’m making about $150,000 a day from that. There’s a few smaller sales in there that I haven’t figured out yet, but it’s paying for the city to run and that’s the important part.

Of course, I did see my first disaster today (aliens!) and I’m hoping that’s really not going to be a common occurrence. I’ll have to get a little safety net created just in case that happens.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

2 Responses to Run by Cats – Oh How You’ve Grown #SimCity

  1. Ysharros says:

    Disasters can be weird. The spousal unit and I started a couple of cities (once we could play) and saw none after about 5-6 hours of play. Then I started one of my own in a few spare hours one evening, and in my first couple of hours I had a zombie invasion (at a couple of thousand pop only), followed by a tornado a little while later. Since the city wasn’t very big it wasn’t too much of an issue, but I was surprised. I guess I hit the RNG jackpot with that particular city…

  2. Yaga says:

    Aha – that’s where you have been lately :)

    We are missing you…

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