Plane of Time: Fabled Edition #EverQuest

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Last night our rag tag team decided to try to clear Plane of Time, which normally is not that big of a deal but because Fabled is live in EQ at the moment for the anniversary it means that all of the encounters are.. well. Tough. The named mobs were level 90 which means for my enchanter they conned even. For Oger the shadowknight, they were a bright red as he is currently level 70. The rest of the group is level 100 but that doesn’t mean it was any easier to one group the zone.

We did wipe once on Quarm, but Saryrn, Tallon Zek, Terris Thule, Vallon Zek, Bertoxxulous, Cazic Thule, Innoruuk, and Rallos Zek all fell to us without too many issues. Each one dropped one (or more) fabled pieces and almost all of them were upgrades for Oger. It was a great time, and I’m glad we did it. It reminded me of all the reasons that keep me playing EverQuest. The fights were long, and difficult. Poor Oger didn’t live through very many of them. It gave us a great sense of accomplishment even if I didn’t do all that much – although I did help in my own way as I’m an enchanter and can buff everyone up.

Aside from Plane of Time I also managed to reach 250 in fletching. I’m inching my way to 300 in this skill and then that will be 5 / 7 skills completed. That leaves two annoying ones, smithing and pottery. I’ll have to do quite a bit of farming for both I expect, which I actually enjoy.

I set up my house yesterday in-game as well. It doesn’t have nearly as many items as I would like placed in it yet but those will come with time. What it does have is a nice selection of trophies that grant buffs much like guild tribute, except it uses your personal tribute.

I doubt it will be any time soon that I finish my climb to 300 fletching, but that’s what I’m working on for now. Well, that and helping Oger level up, and then hopefully also getting my enchanter on the path to level 100, and of course all sorts of older content that me and Oger enjoy doing.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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