Ding 91, Only 9 More to go! #EverQuest

EQ000048Last night we went back to the Demiplane of Blood and finished off the mob that was giving us troubles, and then we attempted Mayong who seems to show up some place in every expansion. Sadly our little group of three was not able to defeat him this time, but maybe next time. We did manage to ease him down to approximately 30% but a pack of wild bats spawned and just absolutely ate my enchanter before I could cast a single root on them. Fun times, none the less.

Aside from attempting Mayong I did manage to ding 91 on my enchanter! That makes her my highest EverQuest character, with only 9 more levels to try to obtain before I hit the current level cap of 100. The last time I dinged 90 was right before Veil of Alaris came out so I barely enjoyed any time at the cap before it was raised to 95. I’m hoping I can make it to 100 before the next expansion rolls around but honestly we’ll just have to see.

I did head off to pick up my spells, they’re vendor sold at rank one without any prerequisites, and at rank 2 you’re required to do tasks to earn them. Rank 3 are raid spells. I haven’t actually explored the expansion much, chances are I can’t handle killing anything in there but we shall see.

Speaking of killing, I did head to Brell’s Rest yesterday to work on my prayer shawl 2.0 – I managed the very first combine. There are many more to go. The enchanter is not exactly the sturdiest of characters to play (which is probably why there are so few of them and why they have to convince others to play with them by giving them experience bonus auras) but never the less she is my favorite character.

Oger is now level 84, just a smidge away from being able to task add with level 100 characters, which should help experience go a bit faster. Apparently we’re supposed to get to 92 so that we can wear T1 gear from Rain of Fear, which is far beyond what we’re currently wearing (House of Thule).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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