Fabled Mobs in Plane of Earth #EverQuest

EQ000053Ah, plane of Earth. Fabled are still in game, so Oger and I headed over to level my ranger up a bit, and to camp the fabled mob that drops her pet weapon. She can’t equip it until level 75, but at least she’ll have it for when she’s ready. Speaking of, the ranger has been doing a good amount of leveling lately, she started off the weekend around level 43, but she’s now sitting comfortably at 70 thanks to Oger. The first aa I picked up was endless quiver, which basically allows me to use 1 arrow of any type, forever. So I picked the best arrow in the game currently and have one of them in my ammo slot. I’ve also started working on headshot, which is an incredibly handy aa while soloing (or powerleveling others).

I finished my first EverQuest collections. I was a bit disappointed with them honestly. You have a choice between aa or experience, and both are pretty poor rewards. At 60 the aa was a single one. At 93 it’s 6. The experience also barely makes a dent. There’s no neat house rewards, although you can get an augment for completing them all. If you like to complete achievements then I would suggest checking out the broker for good deals (there’s usually loads of shinies for sale) but other wise you can roam through the Rain of Fear zones invis and pick them up. Just be careful for undead or named.

The enchanter is almost 94, but I’ve had a yearning to play the necromancer as of late. Probably just because I get frustrated with the low dps the enchanter provides, and unless crowd control is desired she doesn’t actually DO a whole heck of a lot. Sure, I can buff others, but as far as actual group contribution, I feel like she falls behind. Still, it is my favorite character to play and I do have other things to work on with her (ie: prayer shawl 2.0) so I should get going on that some time.

Things are still going very well, over all. The second part of Rain of Fear should be releasing soon, and I’m excited about that. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. EQ1 necro’s are the best!

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