Guest Post: Why I Love MMORPG

Massively multiplayer online role playing games (better known as MMORPGs) are an enduringly popular genre of video games. In most of these games, you choose a character with certain skills and play in a fantasy or science-fiction world completing quests and fighting enemies in order to strengthen your character. Other players populate the same game world and you can play with or against them. Some games require a monthly subscription fee while others are free to play but use micro transactions to fund them. The most popular is World of Warcraft, which has over ten million players despite being more than eight years old, but there are many other games in the genre.

Online gaming in general has become very popular in the last few years. In addition to MMORPGs, many people play online video poker, war games and free slots games. Sites like offer players the chance to play slots online, combining fun with the chance of winning a little money. The thrill of playing against real people as opposed to a computer is a big draw for this type of game. People enjoy a wager on sports, but the result is out of your control. With online gaming, you can take matters into your own hands.

Indeed, playing with others is one of the best things about online gaming and players often build entire communities around their favorite games. In MMORPGs, players can form teams, or guilds as they are known, of people who play together often. This gives them the opportunity to refine and perfect their tactics to enhance the gaming experience. Even when not playing, some people just log on to chat with their friends online. This is a uniquely fun aspect of MMO gaming.

Another reason why people play MMORPGs is for the feeling of progression. Your character continually progresses in terms of strength and abilities by gaining levels and better equipment. This allows you to take on stronger challenges and there is a real feeling of accomplishment when you are finally able to take down a dungeon boss that’s been troubling you for a while. This makes you feel like you inhabit your character and that you are growing together. Some people even play ‘in character’, assuming the traits and speech patterns of their avatar, adding yet another level of fun to the games.

As your character progresses, so too does the game world, with most MMORPGs featuring regular patches and expansions to the game. In this respect, there is always something new to achieve and the player feels like they are part of a large and developing world and that their choices and actions actually matter. A recent example of an expansion pack is Star Wars: The Old Republic’s first add-on, Rise of the Hutt Cartel. One criticism of this game has been that there isn’t enough to do, but now there is a whole new story to enjoy. Game reviews are coming in now, and IGN currently have a review in progress.

MMO games are big business and great fun to play, and the choices are growing by the day. Once the exclusive realm of those with high powered PCs, online games are rapidly moving into other arenas. War games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are favorites with console users due to their fast pace. MMOs are also moving into the handheld console market.

As the world moves further and further online and smartphones become standard with everyone, MMO gaming grows more accessible. There is truly something for everyone, no matter your interests. Whether it’s role-playing, war gaming, betting games or sports simulators you’re after, there is an online game for you. MMOs are great fun for so many reasons and now is a great time to get online before you get left behind.

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