Bring on Bertoxxulous #EverQuest

EQ000064This weekend was a holiday weekend for me, Victoria Day here in Canada, and of course I took full advantage of it and gamed most of Monday with Oger in EverQuest. The enchanter is almost level 96 but I find experience VERY slow, and like I’ve mentioned before, playing by myself is almost impossible. Yes, I can charm kill but it’s incredibly risky not to mention lonely to play that way. I’ve tried LFG but my game time hours are not always optimal for everyone else. So I try to squeak some time in here and there.

In order to combat this I decided to make a magician. They’re a ‘solo’ type class, and since I do have two accounts and I typically do box, I figure it will be a good combination. The leveling has been very quick so far, I followed my way through most of the hot zones from level one and up and after yesterdays adventures, Anastatia is now level 72. This means she can group with my ranger without any issues who is 86, and together they can happily head shot mobs over and over.

One of my favorite events out of the numerous ones I participated in was fighting Bertoxxulous. I have a warm spot for this Norrath God because it was the first “raid” I ever went on, so many years ago. I was in awe at the hundreds of players who showed up. Everything seemed so much larger than life back then. Now you can take the Gods down solo, which is both good and bad.

The magician is nice but it still hasn’t replaced all of the hard work that I’ve got on my enchanter. Still, a back up for the times when no one is around is appreciated. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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