Plane of Shadow #EverQuest

EQ000069Now that I’m level 100 I get to play with the big kids, in big kid zones. Last night that involved the Plane of Shadow. I’ve been working on earning alternate advancement points now because I’m well below the current cap. My enchanter has barely 1300 aa to her name – but you get a bonus to earning them up to 4,000 so it shouldn’t take too long to at least reach that many.

We camped a room filled with non aggro dervish and some shadowblade’s with the prospect of two named. We also spotted a named beetle outside so we left the camp briefly for that. It was a pretty relaxing evening, I managed to obtain T3 sleeves, pants, and wrist as well as a new cloak and some spell motes. I don’t have all of my rank 2 spells yet, the motes have simply been too expensive. It was neat to see named still con red to me at level 100 although we didn’t really seem to have any trouble.

When I’m not actually killing mobs I enjoy roaming around looking for shinies. EverQuest added them in this latest expansion and while I was disappointed at first with their rewards, it’s hard not to run out and try to find them all. Addictive by nature I suppose, especially since my EverQuest 2 days. I really wish they rewarded house items or something of the sort, but it’s not a big deal.

I’m looking forward to spending some time in other Rain of Fear zones and hopefully before too long I feel a bit more useful to a group. Enchanters are nice, but they’re a rarely played class, these days.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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