I’m on a (House)boat! #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-149I was under the assumption all this week that the Sims 3 Island Paradise expansion was not due out until June 28th (turns out that’s the UK release date) so imagine my joy when at midnight last night EA emailed me to tell me the game was ready for download. I had planned on making it an early night and actually catching up on that thing called sleep – but a new expansion called to me.

The download was smooth, I haven’t really had any issues with Origin and getting my products. I pre-ordered so I got the shipwreck limited edition version. I was hoping that I had ordered in time to get Barnacle Bay as an add on, but I was one day too late. Ah well. Installation was smooth and before I knew it (is it just me or does the game finally load faster) I was ready to move into my tropical paradise home.

I bought a cheap house boat – you can sail them all over, apparently. I haven’t tested that feature yet. I also joined a career as a lifeguard, although my lifetime wish is to have an amazing blog, go figure. I started up a blog called ‘I’m on a boat’ where I post pictures of my nautical living.

The map to the Island Paradise is larger than most. A lot of it is also unexplored, leaving you some mystery. One thing I did notice is that there’s not a lot of night life bars etc around, there are some resorts, but I may add in a few custom buildings from other expansions just to tweak it a tiny bit.

The lifeguard career choice is a lot of fun. Unlike other jobs your sim doesn’t run completely automated. You survey up and down along a beach, or you can sit on your lifeguard chair, and watch the waters for drowning sims.  Eventually you’ll notice some sim out there flailing about and you’ll swim out there to rescue them. You’ll escort them on land and they’ll swoon and pass out, meaning it’s time for CPR.

Thankfully I’ve managed to bring everyone back to life so far. You get paid per sim rescued, as well as a weekly stipend. That’s where I had to end it for the night because before I knew it, it was 2am and I should have been in bed two hours ago. I’m very happy this expansion released earlier than I thought it would, and can’t wait to explore underwater, and sail my houseboat around.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


2 Responses to I’m on a (House)boat! #TS3 #TheSims3

  1. Jaffa says:

    I can send you my code for Barnacle Bay if you want? I already have BB, and I think you’re the only person I know who plays Sims 3.

  2. pasmith says:


    Iiiiii wanna be a lifeguard!
    Iiiiiii wanna guard your life!

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