EverQuest Plushie Collection – Completed! #EverQuest

UntitledYesterday thanks to the help of Oger I managed to get the last few plushie I needed for my collection. At the moment these doll chests drop from mobs but you can also purchase them from the SC store. There is an achievement associated with them. I thankfully did not have to purchase a single one, I got more than enough drops as I quested. Once you have 9 different ones, a 10th unlocks, the Queen Plushie that’s on the far left hand side. Sadly I can’t display them on my lawn like I had wanted because they count as “pets” and each house can only have a small number of them outside, but they fit inside in a spare room easily enough.

The rest of my evening was spent doing a raid that I had never explored before. It was really quite fun! Oger, Nonpoint, Elte, and myself (along with a boxed character or two) made our way to Natimbi and then eventually to Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver. The zone drops some very neat class specific items, my paladin managed to get a new shield as well as the 2h weapon. My bard also got a 1h weapon, and nonpoint got his druid a weapon. I picked up all of the books in the zone (there are 14 total) and managed to get the achievement for The Fourteen Great Adventurers. I also picked up two of the hardest tongues to get for the Assistant Researcher’s Symbol as well as a component for BiC which is something I’d like to start sooner or later. Probably later, when I have more room in my bank to store all of the bits and pieces required for this quest.

I’m having a lot of fun going through older content now that I’m level 100 on my main character. Working through achievements to zones I haven’t seen in ages is something that I find quite relaxing.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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