Happy 7th Birthday MmoQuests

I purchased MmoQuests.com back in July 2006 and it’s seen some good years and some bad, but I always came back to writing here about my video game experiences. There have been over 2,300 posts in those 7 years, 62,896 spam comments since 2007, and 247,891 visits since 2010 (no idea why it didn’t count earlier than that). There are so many posts these days about ‘blogging and community‘ and ‘where did the MMO bloggers go‘ – well, this one is still right here. Still doing the same posts I’ve done for years now because I never went into this thinking I was doing anything more than writing about a hobby of mine, for myself. I love writing. In fact I have three other blogs besides this one, and although Nomadic Gamers doesn’t get a lot of traffic in the way of posts it’s still there. I don’t post very controversial topics but there are a few from the past. I also don’t get a lot of comments, but I never have – and I never ever let that stop me.

One thing I did do a few years ago was remove my blogroll from the right hand side column – and I want to change this and put it back. I had no reason for it other than the fact that it was a design choice I made at the time when I changed the theme around and just never added it back.

Anyhow, the point is – thank you. Every single person who has ever read this blog, ever supported me by clicking the donate button (it’s not free to host this massive blog for 7 years ya know), everyone who has put up with my rants, followed me from game to game, etc. I’ve met some very wonderful people by blogging here. I got a job writing for Beckett Massive Online Gamer (before they shut down of course) because of this blog. Will I be giving it up any time soon?

Most certainly not. Writing is just what I do.

4 Responses to Happy 7th Birthday MmoQuests

  1. Well, obviously I read your site. That’s the important thing, right? :)

  2. stargrace says:

    Yeah you’ve never linked my site. =) Yours has been added though.

  3. First: the traditional Psychochild response to blog birthdays: lol n00b. ;)

    Anyway, the person who inspired my post about the community was amazed at how many comments I got after I posted. So, I think by many measures the MMO blogging community is still going relatively strong. Although, I think it’s mostly us die-hards remaining, rather than there being a good influx of new people on a regular basis as I think I’d love to see.

    Anyway, congrats. And, I seem to notice a link missing in that blogroll… ;) (I’m probably just as guilty in reciprocal, as I probably should just give up on my blogroll as I never keep it updated anymore.)

  4. Drell says:

    You might not get a lot of comments, but you certainly do have your regular readers! This is actually the only blog I read regularly, ever since I quit playing MMOs a couple of years ago and then discovered it. Reading your posts is a great way for me to get my gaming fix without the actual distraction and timesink of playing for myself, and it’s nice to hear about updates to games I used to play, like Wurm Online. So thanks!


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