Legacy Family: Growing Pains #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-282Ah, a relaxing evening eating pizza, what more could a teenager want?! Until the neighbours call the cops on your “teen party” and you’re forced to break it up of course!

That was My experience with my legacy family late yesterday afternoon. It was awesome although it does seem to mimic real life maybe a little too much? Well, not completely. My legacy Sim founder and her other half were given a free vacation, where they vanished for a few days and left the teenagers at home. Of course the first thing they did with their parents out of the picture was throw a party – but they don’t know very many kids their age, so the result of that party is pictured above.

As someone mentioned on G+ my legacy family has already come quite far from their roots of living on the lawn with a shower and a toilet. The twin girls each have their own bedrooms now, and I’ve been working on furnishing the house with decorations. The value of the property along with furnishings is $30,000 and I’ve been contemplating whether or not they’ll move to a new house or if I’ll keep the family in their current home and continue to live there for all their generations. Undecided as of yet.

The founder is also now an elder, although she has not retired yet. She’s rank 7 / 10 in a chef career, and her life time dream is to get to 10 / 10 so I was hoping I could do that before she passes on. With so many vacations, snow days, and other holidays, it’s difficult.

The twins being teenagers has brought a whole lot of other ‘fun’ to everyday life. They constantly have mood swings, and want to rebel. Jessica got a part time job at the grocery store after school, and Emily joined an after school drama club. One has a lifetime wish of being a famous musician, and the other wants to rescue 6 stray animals and be an animal saviour. Go figure.

Neither of them has much time before I’ll have to start working on bringing in the 3rd generation – remember the “goal” of this legacy family is to live through TEN generations. I’m already worn out living through this single one.

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