The Legacy Continues #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-357I haven’t spent a lot of time on my legacy family lately but I do get a few hours in here and there. Not much has changed. My founder sim is STILL alive. She’s 105 sim days old now. She actually DID die, outside. While taking out the garbage. Death came over in his sweatsuit (why he wears that I have no idea) and took her away. A tombstone was placed on the lawn. I was controlling a different sim who was taking care of Ginger, the baby, but I still had clear view of the event.

Then the strangest thing happened. Lucky, the dog, started griefing Death! He was barking up a storm and causing a fit – so, Death brought my founder sim back to life, and fled for his life. Apparently he’s not a fan of dogs!

I know that having everlasting sims is against the ‘legacy rules’ – but I had no control over this event, nor did I expect it to happen so I’m letting it slide.

Emily was working as a telegram singer, but decided to give it up and pursue a more active lifestyle. She switched her career over to a sports related one, mostly because it happened to be one of the little mission suggestions that came up. Sure, why not.

Baby Ginger is almost ready to grow up into a child, which means finally no more potty training or dirty diapers, at least for a little while.

Jessica is still pursuing her career in the political field, and still spends hours every day talking to her imaginary friend. He’s still creepy.

Emily’s husband is still alive though he is also an elder. I actually stuck him out in the swimming pool for a few hours in the fall hoping he would perhaps grow cold and pass on, but that man apparently has some great stamina. Go figure.

August 20th marks the great reveal for The Sims 4 – which I am SUPER excited about. I know it’s still some time away, but I can’t wait to start a new legacy family in that game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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