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EQ2_000254EverQuest 2 does a fantastic job (especially compared to other games) of taking care of the population of crafters within the game. That is to say that there are lots of quests specifically for crafters, and if a player wants to craft and NOT adventure, it is doable. Special care is taken to ensure that crafters that are any adventure level can complete their quests.

There are also numerous achievements for crafters to complete, one involves finishing each of the tradeskill instances available from the Isle of Mara. Each day is a different instance, and they require you to craft 108 items and turn them in at an NPC. You can complete these instances in a group or alone, and they reward various crafting items, coin, status, and a token to purchase from a vendor in Mara. They’re also a great way to level up a crafter (you can start doing them at level 50+) because the combines require no components.

In order to get my achievement I only had one instance to go, the Shipyard located in Commonlands. As luck would have it, that was the instance yesterday and so I quickly purchased a port stone (from the vendor in Mara) and made my way over. When the zone completed I won a token, two pieces of crafting jewelry, a crafting book, and also completed the achievement which rewarded the item pictured above. A neat Nayad house item that can port you to the Village of Shin (which is in the Isle of Mara).

Crafters may feel neglected from time to time in EQ2 but that is only because they are used to NOT being neglected. We’ve come to expect it. EQ2 really does a fantastic job at catering to this type of player, and it’s important to remember that not all games do this. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to name even one that goes to the length EQ2 does (unless it is a purely crafting game, without the adventure component, those do exist).

I’m excited to see what Tears of Veeshan offers crafters, I’ve heard some things in the antonia_bayle.homeshow channel, but I’m trying to leave it as a surprise for myself. It won’t be too long now!

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