Tears of Veeshan Brings Changes #EQ2 #EverQuest2

EQ2_000276Dragons have invaded the skies of Qeynos (and Freeport), with the launch of Tears of Veeshan. I took my 95 mystic out to explore a bit and enjoyed watching them swoop and dive.

The 10th EverQuest 2 expansion added a lot of changes that players are going to have to get used to.

One of the major ones include a swap between the cap of multiattack and DPS, so MA now caps at 200, and DPS has a soft cap of 600. That requires reforging to fix, and reforging has gone up drastically in price. It was 10 plat to reforge a single raid item from CoE, the previous expansion.

Another change is the mercenary window, and this confused me greatly. Thankfully ZAM has an awesome article about merc slots, and how you can summon and suspend your merc and what the changes mean. While at first glance you may think you need to spend 100 station cash to unlock a merc that you had just purchased – that is not the case. The UI is just not very intuitive, so I highly suggest people read the article to figure out what is what. Before you are upset that your merc is missing, be sure to type /merc resume, and see if they’re around.

Harvesting has also changed. No longer are you required to work your harvesting skills in order to obtain materials for whatever zone you happen to be exploring in. That means all of those level 85 heroic characters with no skill can happily adventure along and harvest to their hearts content – although you won’t gain rares from harvesting until you’re at the appropriate level for that tier in the skill.

Player housing has changed and while this may not seem like a big deal, it’s fantastic for the housing fanatics out there. Items that are considered ‘building blocks’ now have their own item count. So if you had a house with an item count of 800, blocks will now be 800 and everything else another 800. This is great for players who enjoy creating their own buildings from scratch using other materials. If you’re not sure what your item count is currently at, you can zone into your home and access the panel by either clicking on the door, or /house.

Those are the changes that I found most relevant so far in the expansion, feel free to mention any others below in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

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