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EQ2_000291Yesterday I decided to start decorating part of the guild hall. I decided to create a cottage in the courtyard for myself, along with a little garden. As you can tell by the screenshot above it turned out quite well! I added a fireplace and a chimney with smoke that puffs from the top (thanks to the fog machines from nights of the dead that I sunk into the stone).

Once I was done decorating, it was time to attempt another heroic instance in Tears of Veeshan. This time the group was a bit more prepared (with gear) and we decided to head into the Hive. The group consisted of:

  • Shadowknight (tank)
  • Inquisitor (boxed)
  • Berserker
  • Swashbuckler (me)
  • Fury (boxed by me)
  • Monk (mercenary)

The first named posed little issue. The tank held the named while we burned down the blobs that spawned, and while he would sometimes heal it was manageable. Our first truly difficult encounter came with the bixie that has two bears alongside. The bears would charge off in the direction of a player and pretty much instantly kill. Our mechanic was simple, run around in crazy directions so the bears don’t touch you. Die a lot. Hope a healer could rez. It took a few tries, but eventually this method actually worked. Of course most of the fight was the shadowknight soloing the entire encounter along with the monk mercenary, but still, we succeeded.

Our next difficult fight came from the flaming bird mid way through the zone. They cast an aoe incineration that one shot anyone who was too close. It meant a lot of laying on the ground while again the tank and mercenary did all of the work, but again we were successful. We had some issues with one named that summons a lot of adds while frogloks look on help but we didn’t wipe on that encounter so I consider it one of the lesser evils of the zone.

I’m not sure what the purpose or reasoning is, but there are four sense of urgency you can earn per zone. Each one requires a shorter completion time. It feels very forced to have so many achievements for the exact same thing when there are better achievements to add, but so be it. We earned three out of the four, and completed the zone earning our first piece of arcane gear which can be upgraded with blue gems (that I’m hoping to purchase the recipe for today). It was nice to be able to complete a heroic dungeon, and I’m looking forward to completing more in the future. There’s a patch today that fixes some of the ToV issues that have been reported, and that should help some.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. The Nickel says:

    I’m assuming that the screenshot is just the courtyard of your new guild hall? If so, you have your work cut out for you, it looks quite big, if it’s bigger still behind the scenes, then good luck :)
    I’m starting to quite enjoy your Everquest posts, they make me genuinely interested in trying it out :)

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