Legacy Family 2.0 Moving On Up #TS3 #TheSims3

Screenshot-445BBIt has been a while since I posted about my adventures in Sims 3, but I am still playing. I started my legacy family over some time ago because I had (inadvertently) broken a bunch of (self imposed) rules like moving lots (and entire towns in my case). I don’t mind starting over but it did take some time to get my family back to the point where there was more to life than simply finding flowers to be able to afford another wall to the house.

Blesse and Jack (the elder she eventually married) gave birth to a baby boy named – Teddygirl. An interesting story behind this name, I happened to be streaming my legacy family on Twitch for the Extra Life benefit when my sim went into labor. Those who were watching shouted out whether they thought the baby would be a boy or a girl, and I named the child after the first person to guess correctly. Congratulations again, Teddygirl, although this baby boy may have a rough time when he heads to school.

Jack is in the military and makes a pretty good salary since he’s almost ready for retirement. Blesse is a school teacher, not very far into her career. I’ve managed to build a modest home for the family along with a basement (after todays session) that includes their first washer and dryer. They own a very ancient television and an exercise machine (mostly for Jack).

They also have a pet kitten, Mushi, who just turned into an adult. I’m excited about Teddygirl aging up so that there are more interactions besides ‘eat, sleep, and poop.’ I purchased him a really awesome UFO tree house and a swing set that he’s too young to make use of yet (although certain adult activities can be done in the tree house, and adults can also use the swing sets).

Hopefully Teddygirl can find himself a nice lady to settle down with, and progress the legacy forward. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

2 Responses to Legacy Family 2.0 Moving On Up #TS3 #TheSims3

  1. stargrace says:

    I used to play Sims 2, a long time ago. I’ve played Sims, and Sims Online, too. I prefer Sims 3 out of all of them. Amazing graphics and interactions. I don’t think I would like designing a whole neighborhood that much, it’s not really my play style, but I am enjoying my legacy family quite a bit!

  2. Nickel says:

    Do you prefer Sims 2 or Sims 3? Have you played Sims 2, for that matter? I think an interesting challenge could be to create an entire neighborhood ground up, could be interesting to see :)
    Anyway, looks like fun.

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