Off to Visit Santa #WurmOnline

wurm.20131228.2243After experiencing a few issues with my web site early last week, I lost two weeks worth of posts and then didn’t really feel like writing. I’m hoping to make up for that over the next little while though. Just because I haven’t written doesn’t mean that I haven’t been playing games!

Most of my time has been spent between Wurm Online and World of Warcraft, two incredibly different games. Wurm is as sandbox as they come, and WoW is a theme park. Still, I love both of them. In Wurm I continue to play on the Pristine server. Actually I decided since I have been neglecting my Exodus deed I would move the token and downsize the place. It used to be approximately 60×60 tiles, and is now 18×18. This lowered my rent a considerable amount and since I had a lot of upkeep pre-paid, I earned all of it back. I shifted that coin over to Pristine, and went shopping, hence the screenshot above.

The market is in the center of the zone and I live along the very south coast. I swam from my island to the mainland, and then proceeded to walk to Blossom. Since the character I decided to go with is a priest of Fo I had no aggro from any creatures along the way. The walk was relatively painless and it was neat to see how the land has changed and been shaped over time. I crossed many deserted deeds, and fought back the urge to pillage. I didn’t want anything to weigh me down until after I got to the market.

Once there, I took out some coin from the token and then browsed through all of the merchants. I picked up three 70 quality weapons. A two-handed sword for the Fo priest, a long sword for my main character, and a large maul for bashing. I also picked up a full set of chain armor for 10 copper per piece. It’s only 60 quality but that was more than enough for me. A copper lantern caught my eye, 70 quality which means the light is quite bright. A 60 ql toolbelt was added to my quickly growing pile of items. I saw a miss-priced emerald and picked that up. I debated getting a new carving knife for working on my fine carpentry skill but decided against it for now. Oh, and I also purchased a shield.

Instead of walking all of the way home I decided to use some of my karma to gate. It costs 1,000 karma but it ports you right back into your town. I had never used the skill before but it worked flawlessly and I was pleased. The coloured smoke you see off in the distance is Santa who stands at Blossom (or stood I suppose, he’s gone now) feeding players delicious holiday food and rewarding premium players with a 99 ql snowball lantern (our gift this year). It was quite a walk, but  really had a great time. No surprise there, I adore exploring in Wurm.

The deed is coming along very well, expect a post about those details to follow! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


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