The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

blogI like loot.

Do you like loot?

You do? Great!

This game was gifted to me over the holidays by a friend of mine, and before then I had never heard of it before. It’s created by ubisoft and before I could even play it I had to fiddle around with their ‘uplay’ launcher which does not get along with windows 8.1 (of course that’s what I happen to run). Thankfully there are some fairly simple work arounds to the problems.

When you log in you’re presented with three class choices. There is a knight, an archer, and a mage. You can only choose to be a male character but I won’t hold that against the game for now.

Gameplay follows a diablo style, where you’re in top down view running through dungeons where the walls fade away as they come across your vision. Mobs are named adorable names like snotlings and derps. I chose to be an archer and even got a nifty falcon who follows me around. You start out in your pajamas, and as you complete the dungeons you’ll loot gear and other items of interest.

Of course what sort of adventurer would you be without a castle! Once the first battle tutorials are completed you’ll be given your very own humble abode which you can upgrade and grow and decorate with creatures and lots of other fun things. I’ve only just started this process, and it is also where the game shifts slightly. Creating upgrades for rooms and items costs currency, and time. You can instantly complete the upgrades by spending currency. Otherwise you spend a lot of time waiting for projects to complete. Not an issue for me, this makes it a very casual fun game to play and the voiceover and instructions are hilarious. You can find the game in closed beta on steam, and like so many other games are doing these days you can purchase your way into getting access.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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