Sometimes the Loot Gods Smile #WoW

WoWScrnShot_120613_011832Every so often the loot gods smile down on me and I win something I can actually use. It’s rare, there’s no way I should let that one piece of gear entice me to thinking that I will constantly get something I want and can use, but it’s just enough of a tease that I keep coming back for more.

Yesterday I was headed off to the Timeless Isle in order to do my daily and as chance would have it there was a flex raid going on for the celestials. I’ve talked about them before, four giant creatures that roam around a center arena. You get an achievement for defeating all four but you only qualify for loot from one kill per week. Not per encounter either, just one total. It makes sense really. The loot that drops also comes from regular raids (there’s also PvP gear) and if players could attempt it every week on multiple encounters what would be the point in raiding.

I try to defeat at least one celestial a week but it doesn’t always work out that way as I’m spending less and less time on the island. Yesterday when I arrived I saw that a celestial was almost dead, and as luck would have it the group stuck around to take down a second one. I stayed outside of the raid but still contributed and decided on a whim to use my seal for an extra loot roll.

That’s when the loot gods smiled at me for a brief moment, and I won a pair of ilevel 553 pve gloves. Sure, they’re for my DPS priest spec and I spend most of my time healing unless I’m out and about on my own (I keep forgetting that I can designate loot to go towards any of my specs) but they were still an enormous upgrade and I’m really glad I won them. They’re my 2nd BiS (best in slot) and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I may spend an enormous amount of time working on pet battles, collecting silly mounts, and working on pointless factions, but I also enjoy being good at my class and one of the measures of being ‘good’ in world of warcraft, is gear. That doesn’t mean you can’t still be good without, but the game IS very gear driven (after all, you can’t even queue for some LFR without having a specific ilevel first, no matter how good a player you are). Is it the only qualification? Of course not, you can have the best ilevel ever and still be a really shoddy player. It just happens to be one more thing in an ever growing list of things that I enjoy working on while I play.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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