Battle Pet of the Week: Snowy Owl #WoW



In my attempts to get at least one pet battle team to 25, I’ve been collecting a lot of pets. I always considered myself a collector even before pet battles came out, but of course now that there are over 600 different pets in game things have gotten a bit more extreme. I wanted to show off some of the pets I’ve gotten and while there may not be anything exceptional about them, each battle is an exciting attempt to further my collection (and experience) so I’m hoping to make this a weekly feature. We’ll just have to see. First up? The Snowy Owl!

The Snowy Owl is a seasonal pet that can only be found during the Northern hemisphere real-world seasons. That means you can start seeing this pet around from December 21st, and it lives in Winterspring. There are a lot of great technical details posted about the pet over at Warcraftpets, a site that I’m constantly using to keep my collection up to date. It is of course categorized as a flying pet, and if you click on it you’ll hear typical owl sounds.

Winterspring was full of neat critters to try to capture. The one issue I had was that I kept accidently killing the ones that I wanted to add to my collection. It can take a bit of patience to get a rare quality of the pet you’re after, but it’s certainly worth it in the end.

Thanks to my adventures in Winterspring and then a bit of time in Hellfire Peninsula, I was able to raise my team to level 21 and I’m currently working my way to level 22. It has slowed down quite a bit, but it’s incredibly relaxing and I’m in no rush.

2 Responses to Battle Pet of the Week: Snowy Owl #WoW

  1. stargrace says:

    Thank you for the note about that – I do have it and I know about their attack, I just haven’t leveled it at all, but for my next team I hope to!

  2. Venzur says:

    You may be already aware in your pet gathering activities — but there is a pet called the Terrible Turnip whose one attack can’t take an adversary below 1hp.

    Comments via the wowhead site: “This is an excellent pet for tamers. Its primary ability, weakening blow, can’t kill the opponent so there will be no painful moments of a poorly timed crit killing that rare pet you really wanted.”

    As a fellow pet collector just wanted to make sure you were in the know about it :)

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