Raiding with Leashes #WoW

raidsThanks to some amazing help from Kanad (one of two guild mates), I’ve been able to get a really good start on the achievement posted above, raiding with leashes. Not that long ago pets were added to older raids, and of course that meant that there was an achievement associated with them. Four more pets are all I need to earn Mr. Bigglesworth, and I need 5 more pets to earn Tito’s Basket. This weekend Lil’ Bad Wolf finally dropped from Karazhan, a pet that’s all the more difficult to get because the encounter at the theater is not always that particular scene.

Eventually I’d love to earn the ‘crazy cat lady’ title but I need some pretty rare cats in my collection in order to do that. Mr. Bigglesworth is a part of it, so at least I’m making some progress.

I love these little achievements and things to keep me busy when I’m not doing something ‘productive’. These are the things that keep me playing a game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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  1. Bendystraw says:

    If you get tired of farming and just want the achievement, you can have someone cage the remaining pets, give them to you to learn, then you will get your achievement plus Mr. Bigglesworth, at which time you can cage those pets and return them. Not as fun as getting the pets yourself, but something you can do if you are desperate for Biggly right this second.

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