RNG Plays Nice (Sometimes) #WoW

UntitledI make a lot of jokes about my lack of luck – my favorite saying is “If I didn’t have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.” Every so often that theory is blown out of the water, and yesterday was certainly a good day for that.

I have been ill so I haven’t been able to play for very long, but I did want to get a celestial kill done since it was Tuesday and things had reset. I queued up in the flex raid finder and before I could blink I was ported over to a PVP server and in group. Only one problem, being a PVP server meant that we were all flagged automatically and a lot of us came from PVE servers. The horde tagged the first celestial while we looked on so we had to wait (while being randomly attacked). Then we tagged the next celestial and since there were so many of us compared to the handful of horde that had gathered, we made quick work of the encounter (and a few of the horde, too as you can see by my achievement progress above).

That is where luck first showed up – I won a pair of ilevel 553 pants, part of my heal set. I was incredibly happy. I was already wearing pants that were my 2nd best BiS, tailor crafted, but these are my BiS (best in slot). Once the raid was over I went back to Stormwind and gemmed them and added an enchant, then I decided to head to Karazhan to try for the fiery warhorse’s reins.

It’s really easy to try for this mount because it comes from the first named in the zone. I had been running the raid zone for a while now on all of my characters in an attempt to get the mount, but with a .8% drop rate, I had never seen it – before yesterday, of course.

I continued on through the raid zone in an attempt to collect a few pets and got lucky when it came to the theater encounter, the mob up happened to be the big bad wolf, and he dropped the Lil’ Bad Wolf pet collar. All in all it was a pretty productive day. I finished things off by going broke and purchasing all of the mounts available from the Golden Lotus. I love mounts and while I may not collect them as eagerly as I do pets, I still collect them (I’m up to 70 at the moment). Money is normally what holds me back, having so many alts can get expensive. I put up a few items on the AH and called it a night.

Now to decide which mount I want to go after next! It will probably be the Deathcharger.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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