What Landmark Is – and Is Not

I wasn’t expecting the NDA to drop so fast, and the game is currently down for patches at the moment so you’ll just have to use your imagination since I have no screenshots. As someone who has played countless alphas, I have to say that this one has absolutely swept me away. My steam account is full of them, so many that I decided just after Christmas that I wasn’t going to purchase games any more unless they were the completed versions. If they were all in the state that Landmark is in, I would probably purchase every single one that interested me.

You’ll have to take this blog post with a grain of salt. First of all keep in mind that my favorite MMO is and has been for some time – Wurm Online. This is a creation game in a survival setting and it takes hours upon hours to play it and to level skills. It is a game that has many bugs, a tiny dev team, and captured my heart so hard that I pretty much never have anything but good to say about it. Expect the same with my opinions on landmark.

Right now Landmark is: 

  •  crafting
  •  creation
  •  harvesting
  • exploration

Landmark is not: 

  • completed
  • bug-free
  • particularly exciting – UNLESS – you happen to be a die-hard harvester/crafter/creationist which I am
  • Does not currently have combat

Landmark is a sandbox. YOU will create the game. YOU will decide what parts appeal to you and how to make them exciting. If you don’t like exploring, creating things, harvesting, or crafting, chances are you may not like Landmark – at least not in the current state. Keep in mind that as the alpha progresses more aspects will be added and thus what you can make of the game will expand.

I can not stress this part enough. It is alpha. There are LOTS OF BUGS. You need LOTS OF PATIENCE. Post on the forums, let the devs know what the issues are. Can’t log in? Just sit back and go do something else. Lose all your stuff? Stuck? Attacked by giant robots? It’s alpha. You have to relax.

I can say with absolute certainty that the game is perfect for me. I am already incredibly in love with it and so very excited. It is what I have wanted in a AAA title for so long now that I feel absolutely giddy now that it is here. It is beautiful. It runs well. The mining process is mind-boggling, I have no better words. When you tunnel you create an actual tunnel that looks different and adjusts every time your pickaxe hits the ground. You must explore to find the different resources you need. Become familiar with how the terrain looks, how ore looks, if you want to create that castle or that house in the woods you need to go out and harvest those supplies. The possibilities of what you can craft are as vast as your imagination.

I think people who will enjoy this game play are people who are fans of games like Wurm Online, Starbound, Minecraft, and Terraria. You’re not going to love everything but expect a lot of Landmark posts in the upcoming months.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

3 Responses to What Landmark Is – and Is Not

  1. Ranni says:

    When you say no combat in game do you mean combat with other players? Wondering if you can fight the giant robots that attack or if you just have to run away.

  2. Joeydeenyc says:

    Really nice summary. I’m having a hard time explaining this to some of my hardcore guild wars 2 pvp tournament type friends haha! They’re like.. “so how’s the pvp?”

    I only got to play for an hour or two before servers came down, but I am blown away, and you said what I feel really nicely.

    I’ve actually always struggled with the crafting aspects of everquests (and similar titles) in the past. One thing I’m hoping to achieve with playing Landmark is to prepare to be a super crafter when EQNext does come.

    The creation side is a huge draw for me, I’ve even taken up learning how to do 3D modeling with Blender, a free tool and one whose files are accepted in the Everquest Player Studio.

    Anyway, soo much stuff to that is awesome, I feel like I’m just ranting. Wanted to say I like your write-up!

    See you in game (soon hopefully)
    The Academy

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